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The growing popularity of Class 3 gear like suppressors and short barrel rifles has has created a need for education on obtaining these products legally and using them safely.

For information on purchasing Class 3 items come by The Outdoorsman and let our knowledgeable and experienced staff outline the process. As the leading NFA dealer in the San Angelo area we can help you navigate the current ATF system with ease. We can also assist you in selecting the best suppressor for your firearm collection and ensure that you have the knowledge to properly assemble or select a short barrel rifle (SBR).

We stock models and accessories from these quality manufacturers:

Daniel Defense
Tactical Solutions
Sig Sauer
Texas Silencer Co
Thunder Beast Arms
and more…

NFA Transfers

In addition to a standard firearm transfer, we also can assist you in transferring an NFA item for $100 fee.

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