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At The Outdoorsman we are committed to your comfort and success in the field, which is why we take great pride in providing you with the best hunting gear you’ll find in the San Angelo area. Consultations from our experienced staff matched with our high quality equipment will help ensure your enjoyment and effectiveness in the outdoors. To that end, we stock specific items from the top brands below.



A gun storage producer with an ever-expanding line of various products. The name Ruger turns to for their specialized cases.


Rooted in saddlery and military holster production, this company is a standout in the industry with over 120 years of proven firearm protection.


Unique designs and competitive pricing make this quality brand a favorite of many. If you appreciate a case that deviates from the conventional approach, this is the company for you.


Well planned and executed storage solutions built for the serious shooting enthusiast.


A name that rings of durability. Whatever the job, these experts make a case that can withstand onslaughts of abuse and leave your valuables unphased.


A first-rate choice no matter the type of case you need. These folks have a long-earned reputation for quality products and fair pricing.



Humble beginnings and an unconditional commitment to innovation have built this brand into a standard others are measured against. Camouflage from people obsessed with hunting.


A workhorse of a company that has striven to get folks outdoors since 1932. Comfortable and dependable footwear for whatever the next outing holds.


With a heritage rich with trustworthy craftsmanship and a focus on perfecting outdoor footwear, this company is a safe bet when gearing up for your next adventure.


Known for their award-winning calendars, these folks are now producing some versatile and affordable camouflage.


A boot company that has brought some impressive camo to the market recently. As close to a one stop shop as anyone.


Turning clothing into gear with cutting-edge technology and relentless product testing. The leading way to standout in how you disappear.


Clothing produced to meet the specific demands of challenging jobs. Made for people who want everything they own to have a defensive application.

Game Calls

Burnham Brothers

Local products from knowledgeable hunters. Some of the best varmint mouths calls available to date.


A nationally recognized leader in electronic game calls. With a variety of options and price points, most anyone can find something to take their next night-time hunt to the next level.

Hunters Specialties

Affordable hunting accessories, to include some entry level game calls. A company dedicated to getting as many folks in the field as possible.

Top Calls

Pennsylvania-based calls that truly are at the top of the pile. Hand-made by hunters with over 70 years combined experience on the hunt.



Quality leather and nylon holsters with an emphasis on older firearm designs. A good source for anyone needing to outfit their revolver or 1911.


Top-tier pistol gear trusted by police and military the world over. An unquestioned king in the realm of secure, long-lasting gear.

Sticky Holsters

Inexpensive, versatile, and robust holsters that can adapt to many roles thanks to their unique outer layer.


A producer that stylishly succeeds in striking an attractive and functional balance between leather and kydex holster designs.


Crimson Trace

A light and laser manufacturer that has recently branched out into optics. Odds are, if you see a gun that comes from the factory with a laser, it’s from these guys.

Night Stick

Prices that mislead the level of quality this company has put out for years. A lesser known brand whose line is well worth a thorough look.


Advancements in charging methods and lumen output set this producer apart from the conventional. If you need a serious light and value out-of-the-box thinking, then pay this group some attention.

Sniper Hog Lights

Texas-based lighting experts that are passionate about ridding the country from pesky vermin. If you appreciate people that are well-versed in the science behind what they make, look no further.


Proven performance in the field, whether that be in a duty holster, a farm truck, or a mechanic’s pocket. A trustworthy name across the board.


Military-issued illumination tools that have set themselves apart from competitors with their demand for extreme resilience.


Light and lasers that standout in form and style. Reliable defensive tools that frequent from-the-factory offerings from several well-known gun producers.



With an unparalleled level of diversity in their line and a reputation for supreme tolerances, this company should be a top contender no matter the blade desired.


While they are not known for their knives, they should be. All U.S.A. product built unlike any other production knife; worthy of close consideration.


A classic if there ever was one. Timeless craftmanship and a style that has impacted generations.


Intriguing models dreamed up by well-respected designers and built by those dedicated to crafting the ideal daily companion.


The original multi-tool. No doubt a valuable friend in those unexpectedly trying moments.


Simple, effective knives at a price that is just ridiculous given their quality. These are certainly a local favorite as we sell hundreds a year.

Outdoor Edge

Backed by a lifetime warranty and a rigorous field-testing procedure, these blades are a must have for anyone that frequents the outdoors.


A distinguishable style and a world-wide following have helped this company maintain its position as one of the premier knife producers on the planet.


An organization dedicated to the proper maintenance of your cutlery. Their manual and electronic sharpeners are the undisputed industry standard.



The architype for the modern pack. With designs tested in combat and the open field, the only problem you’ll have is deciding which one to get first.

Mystery Ranch

Built upon decades of prior experience in load-bearing products, this pack company has been devouring different sectors of the market since 2000. A smart choice for travel, hunting, defense, or daily activities.


The defensive mindset this company has toward its clothes is woven into their packs as well. A unique holster system and attention to the smallest of details has set these bags apart from the competition.

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