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Whether a precision rifle scope or the all important set of binoculars, high-quality glass is paramount in virtually any hunting landscape. That’s why we at The Outdoorsman strive to provide our customers with the best options available for any budget or purpose. While much of what we stock can be mounted on a basic hunting rifle, we also carry specialized optics geared toward other activities from varmint hunting to defensive shooting. Check out our inventory of optics from these leading manufacturers.


Holographic and precision optics built to exacting standards. A first-rate choice for those that appreciate durable optics.


Utilization of micro solar panels and competitive pricing have helped this company top the charts in customer satisfaction. A newer firm with a lot to offer.


Sporting optics built upon advancements in photography that span 100 years. Truly masterful execution in form and function.


An old standby with some new tricks. You’d be hard pressed to find a company with a more loyal customer base and wider product selection.


A division of Swarovski with a bend toward long-range target shooting. Glass clarity and repeatability have made this company a go-to brand for precision shooting.


Known for consistency in the harshest of conditions. If things seem to break around you all the time, these are the optics to look into.


Built on advancements in what truly makes or breaks optics: the glass. With over 120 years of experience, this family-owned company has delivered on the promise of its motto: “Constantly improving on what is good”.


A name built upon the battlefront. An American icon that continues to deliver optics of the highest grade.

U.S. Optics

Optics that have seen everything from the highest competitive levels to the precision rifle systems of the USMC. Seeking to add shooters to their ranks, this brand has expanded to more affordable optics manufactured to the same demanding standards.

Sig Sauer

While a recent expansion for this company, one of their optics has already been awarded a military contract. Look here for some unique formats and ranging technology.


A force of nature in the optics arena. This company has built one of the largest followings in the history of the industry due to their no-questions-asked warranty and variety of enticing offerings.

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