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The Outdoorsman has been San Angelo’s premier gun store since opening our doors in 1980. We have always sought to provide our community with firearms from the best names in the business. We trust the brands we carry so completely that we offer our own Lifetime Warranty in addition to anything offered by the actual maker of the firearm.

And we don’t stop there; our 30-Day Guarantee insures that you can shoot your new firearm and return it for full credit toward something else should you not find it to be a good fit.

Angstadt Arms

Combining excellent quality with unique coatings is this company’s specialty. If you want a pistol caliber AR that makes a statement, look no further.


Leading technology in recoil reduction and protective coatings have kept this brand at the top of every shotgunners list for years.


As one of the oldest firearms producers in the world, this company has created some classics. A smart choice, no matter the type of firearm you want.


A dominating bolt-gun producer that has swept up a large portion of the precision hunter crowd in the last few years. Truly amazing quality control and selection.


Innovation and time-tested design mix well throughout this manufacturer’s lineup. Plenty agree they really are “The Best There Is”.

Christensen Arms

A revered brand in the arena of lightweight hunting rifles. Top marks for attractive and functional design.


A name linked to history-altering designs. Still a common choice among those that appreciate what this company has contributed to U.S. history.


With designs that have conquered multiple shooting sports, this company is not to be overlooked. A treasure trove of classic rifles and cutting-edge pistols.

Daniel Defense

One of the premier AR-15 manufacturers in existence. If you demand unyielding reliability, this is the manufacturer for you.


A leader in military arms manufacturing, this historic gunmaker has a strong following among those that value proven equipment.

Fierce Arms

Outstanding upper-class longguns that make use of today’s best offerings in lightweight, durable materials. A challenger to any who seek to build quality precision instruments.


A household name, even outside of the industry, these utilitarian pistols have earned the rank of “Perfection” from many users.


One of the most sought after makes in the business. Classic designs, modern advancements, and top-tier quality control have made this iconic brand an unmistakeable leader in the industry.


One of the best affordable rifle producers out there. If you want something that won’t break the bank but still has a stylish side, then these are the folks to look to.


Long considered a top choice for production 1911s, this company is now making outstanding revolvers alongside some highly sought after bolt-action rifles.


A long-time producer of competitively priced shotguns, this company has gradually expanded its line to pistols and modern sporting rifles.

Nighthawk Custom

Crafting pieces that truly are one-of-a-kind, this premier 1911 maker has held fast to their creed despite their monumental growth: “One Gun, One Gunsmith”.


A standout brand for decades, these shotguns are sure to make a strong impression on the range or in the field.

Rock River Arms

These folks are a high-quality producer of modern sporting rifles in a wide array of calibers. A go-to for unique AR-style firearms.


A name synonymous with value and innovation. Truly an all-American company that is a contender no matter the type of firearm you are looking for.


An organization with astronomical quality expectations and a century’s worth of proof that they are one of the best. Not just a rifle; a family heirloom.


If an outstanding bolt-action at an excellent price is on your radar, there’s a good chance it’s from these guys. Keep an eye on their expanding line of modern sportings rifles too.

Sig Sauer

Recently awarded multiple U.S. military contracts, this brand is making wave after wave in the civilian market as well. An impeccable choice for anyone that enjoys variety without sacrificing parts compatibility.

Smith and Wesson

As one of the oldest U.S. companies around, this legendary gunmaker has a foundation in classic designs and an eye on modernizing the whole industry. Always a solid choice, no matter the firearm.

Springfield Armory

With an expansive line of best-sellers, this company is usually in the running regardless the firearm desired. Their solid original designs and newcomers that push the envelope both demand attention.


A producer of consistently accurate and attractive bolt-action rifles. Not to be overlooked in the search for a new companion for your next hunt.


This company’s ever-improving quality control and off-the-beaten-path designs have garnered industry-wide respect over the last several years. A dark-horse that has had more than a few major wins lately.


A rifle builder with three generations worth of expertise and one of the strongest brand followings in any industry. You’ll understand the advantage of such a legacy the second you shoulder their product.


A below-the-rador company that should be at the top of everyone’s list. Give their handsome and reliable line-up a good look whenever a new handgun is on your mind.


An old standby, this company has revamped to better address the needs of the modern market. Look to this brand for your rifle and shotgun needs.

We seek to meet the needs of our customers, so if we do not have a particular model in stock, be sure to ask one of our experienced staff about placing a special order. Call us at (325) 947-8859 or send an email to confirm what we have on hand. Our gun inventory varies often, and we take pride in our strong relationships with our distributors, so there is rarely a current production we cannot locate.

FFL Transfers

We offer transfer services for $35 per transfer to customers seeking to ship used and hard-to-­find firearms. Please call (325) 947-8859 or send us an email at to start the transfer process.

Active-Duty Discount

We are proud to offer a 5% discount on virtually every item in our store to active/retired military and law enforcement. If this applies to you, make sure to show us your PCS orders and military/department I.D. as your items are checked out.

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