At The Outdoorsman we seek to offer our valued customers the best products and service possible, and with this goal comes the responsibility of doing business with quality companies. In few areas is this more important than safes. The investment in this protective measure not only guards the products you buy from us but family heirlooms, important documents and other items of great personal value.

Gun Safes

Because this is a vital part of the responsible gun owner's collection, we stock the best tools for the task. Whether the traditional carpeted interior of the competitively priced Champion and Superior safes or the advanced Axis system incorporated into most of Browning's lines, we have something to fit your needs and budget. Various combinations of size, finish, and locks can be purchased through us if something on our sales floor does not quite meet what you need.


Additionally, we stock several micro-safes, from companies like Hornady and Bulldog, designed to fit into desk drawers, vehicles, or anywhere else that does not accommodate our standard size offering. Micro-safes can be a great solution for people with limited space who are still concerned about protecting their assets. They're generally easy to conceal in your home and new locking methods offer easy opening for those who need it, while keeping others out. Come to the store to see if one of the safes we have in stock will work well for you.


Whatever the size, we offer delivery services for any safe in store. Pricing for delivery is dependent upon the weight of the safe and the destination. Please stop by the shop or contact our sales staff to see what we have on location; we would be happy to assist you in choosing and moving the best safe for the job.