We have a great variety of optics available at The Outdoorsman. You will find everything from hunting scopes to tactical red dot sights. Our selection includes the best brands and they are sure to be the highest quality and hold up the rigors of the most demanding shooters. The brands we carry below have been handpicked to be sure we deliver a premium product.


Tactical Optics

We stock a variety scopes and sights to help you acquire your target faster and more effectively. For example, these optics are great for 3-gun competitions and similar events. Tactical optics from EOTech and Trijicon have been consistently popular with our competition customers. We also stock all types of optics designed to work well in many difference scenarios. Stop by today and let us find you the best choice for your needs.

Long Range Rifle Scopes

Distance shooting is a fine art that requires a great deal of practice and precision. A good optic is a foundation of any long range setup. Our selection of high quality optics will make sure you have the best tools to reach out and touch long range targets. Remember we mount and boresight scopes purchased in the store for free! This will help you get sighted in quickly so you can make better use of your time at the range and waste less ammo.

Hunting Scopes

A hunting scope is important to your success in the field. Quality and durability are important for an optic that will be carried around with you and transported often. We stock nothing but the best to make sure that the scopes we provide will perform well, even after years of use. Our staff is knowledgeable about scopes and optics especially when it comes to hunting. They can help you pick a scope that will work well with your gun, game, and environment. Stop by today for a recommendation on a scope that will fit your needs and budget.

Optics Brands