Without high-quality optics, most rifles aren't worth much. At The Outdoorsman we strive to provide our customers with the best possible options for just about any budget or purpose. While much of what we stock fits well onto a basic hunting rifle we also carry specialized optics geared toward other activities, all of which are from leading manufacturers such as:



Long Range Optics

For most folks, peppering paper at a hundred yards can become boring rather quickly. We supply those willing to push their capabilities and equipment to their limits with the optics that can help make those seemingly-impossible shots a consistent reality. Whether targets or game are your goal, stop by and speak to one of our experienced staff members about bringing your rifle to the next level with top-notch glass.

Red Dots and Holographic Sights

For most defensive purposes (and many hunting scenarios) speed is just as important as accuracy. This is the reason we regularly stock a multitude of close-range optic options compatible with most modern rifles and shotguns, as well as a few that accommodate properly-modified handguns. If you're trying to best your fastest time or simply need to whittle down the varmint population, we've got the best close-range optics for the job.

Optics Brands