Hunting Gear

At The Outdoorsman, our staff takes great pride in providing you with the best hunting gear you'll find in and around San Angelo, Texas. We want you to be comfortable and effective in the field. With high quality gear and consultations from our experienced staff, we can help you make that happen. We stock items from these top brands and are sure to have the gear you need!

Mojo Primos
Sitka Gea
Grizzly Coolers
Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Outdoor Edge
Light Force
Hunter Specialties
Bog Gear

Staff Hunting Experience

Our staff's hunting adventures have taken them over multiple terrains, everywhere from Texas to Alaska were they have stalked both large and small types of North American game. Several of our staff even have experience as professional hunting guides. Our more regular hunting trips include dove hunting, turkey hunting, predator hunting, quail hunting, and whitetail deer hunting. Our staff’s knowledge is available to you just by stopping in the store where they would be glad to help you prepare for your next trip.

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting and archery hold a special place in our hearts at The Outdoorsman. Selecting a hunting bow is an intricate and important task. Bow size, draw length, draw weight, sights, and release type are all particular to the individual who will be shooting it. These are best found through consultation with our staff and getting a feel for different bows, weights, and releases. Our staff would be glad to help you find the best fit for you, and even tune the bow you already have.

Hunting Gear Brands